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The Mathew B. Juan Memorial Monument

The monument was constructed entirely from native materials.  The rock and sand forming the base came from the Gila River Indian Reservation where Mathew grew up.  The exterior or finish rock was mined in the hills south of Casa Grande and donated by the late Judge Charles Bennett.  The cap was donated by the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company from ore mined in Pinal County.


Mathew B. Juan Memorial Monument


Mathew B. Juan Memorial Monument Dedication Ceremony

May 30th, 1928 at 6:00 p.m.


The Mayor of Casa Grande, Fanne B. Gaar, issued a proclamation recommending that every business close at 4:00 p.m. on May 30th, 1928 and that every citizen of Casa Grande attend the dedication in Sacaton to honor the memory of Mathew B. Juan, a native of Pinal County.


The Mathew B. Juan memorial monument, constructed over the winter of native stone, was dedicated on the afternoon of May 30th, 1928 (Memorial Day) in Sacaton on the west side of the new river road.  It was unveiled by Mathew’s surviving brother, Antonio B. Juan.  Mathew’s other brother, Sibley Juan, had died in an automobile accident a few months earlier on January 25th, 1928.


The master of ceremonies was Fred Kohn, member of the Fred A. Humphries American Legion Post 8 of Casa Grande.  Department Commander, Paul Geary, of the American Legion delivered the dedicatory address.  Reverend George Walker delivered a biography on the life of Mathew B. Juan.  Father Stoner, Department Chaplain of Tucson, gave the invocation which he closed with the laying of crossed palm leaves or victory leaves at the foot of the monument.  Songs were sung by the Sacaton Presbyterian Church choir during the ceremonies and Taps was played at sunset.