Ira H. Hayes Post 84

On December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked the United States of America by bombing Pearl Harbor, this action forced the United States into World War II. Many years later on Febuary 23, 1945 United States military forces gained control of the Japanese occupied island Iwo Jima. As a result the American flag was raised on Mount Suribachi, at that time an important and historic photograph was taken. This photograph captured 5 United States Marines and 1 United States Navy Corpsman as they raised the American flag. Ira H. Hayes a member of the Gila River Indian Community, was one of the men who raised the flag that day. 

This historic photograph was a sign of the end of World War II. By gaining control of Iwo Jima and it's aircraft landing strip. The United States gained strategic advantage that allowed U.S. aircraft a place to refuel and launch missions against Japan, thus taking the fight to them. 

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